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New app makes you a sniper…and no one gets hurt!

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Start winning eBay auctions from your mobile device with eSnipe, a new app from Tom Campbell.

(Vocus) June 10, 2010 -- So there you are on eBay, salivating over that vintage 8-track of the “Saturday Night Fever” soundtrack. As the auction timer winds down, you punch in what you know will be the winning bid, only to be sniped by someone at the last second. Failure! You slam your head down on the keyboard; someone else will be jamming to Night Fever tonight.

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Pro-business, Labor tie in exit poll

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AMSTERDAM – Exit polls in Dutch elections Wednesday showed the pro-business VVD party and Labor finished on top in a dead heat, dealing a blow to the ruling Christian Democrats and giving an anti-Islam party its best showing ever.

The projections showed the two largest parties each winning 31 seats in the 150-seat parliament.

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Sunbelt Business Brokers Announces the Successful Sale of an International Trading Company

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Wisconsin Business Broker Frank Orlando Completes Sale of International Trading Company

(PRWEB) June 10, 2010 -- Sunbelt Business Brokers announced the successful sale of an International Trading Company based in Milwaukee, WI to a private investor from Ohio.

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